Lowongan Pekerjaan (Klik Kata Com) :  Eigerindostore adalah toko online resmi produk Eiger, Exsport, Bodypack dan Outlive.

Di dalam website resminya, Eiger sedang membuka 16 lowongan pekerjaan.

Lowongan Pekerjaan Eiger Indo Store

1. Merchandising Manager [Code : MDM] 

Tugas :

As a Merchandising Manager, you will collaborate with the Product Designer/ Product Development Team also other business partners to establish, manage and track the strategy and seasonal concept for the domestic & global lifestyle business. You identify trends and opportunities based on analysis of product, consumer, and competitive trends in the market, and after that develop seasonal initiatives and line plans. And then, you’re utilizing market knowledge to provide clear product direction for product designer/ product development team to develop product lines, meet key dates, executing from ideation to consumer experience. Also, you should ensure proactive planning and contribution to all GTM and sell-in strategies.

Profil :

a.    Min. S1 Management/ Business especially in Merchandising (GPA min 3.00).

b.    Min. 5 years as Merchandising in Garment/ Sportswear Industry.

c.    Min. 3 years as Assistant Manager/ Manager.

d.   Having global mindset in business and interesting with lifestyle trend.

e.    Complete & comprehensive experience with merchandising product from ideation through consumer experience.

f.     Have a basic industry knowledge including retail and wholesale aspects of the business.

g.    Optimistic, multi-tasking people & entrepreneurial.

h.    Well organized with focused attention to detail also proactive problem solving.

i.      Travel required.


2. Color & Print Designer [Code : CPD]

Tugas :

As a Color & Print Designer, you will collaborate with product designers/ product development team to create seasonal color palettes and give print direction. You should research the trends related to color, graphic texture, also print/ pattern for usage in outdoor, fashion and sports industry. And then, you should develop color/ print proposals and manage documentation from season to season, also ensure production implementation of final color/ print designs.

Profil :

a.    Min. Bachelor’s Degree or D4 in Textile/ Garment Production or equivalent experience.

b.    Min. 5 years as Textile/ Garment/ Sportswear Industry.

c.    Min. 3 years of experience in trend, art, graphic, & creative product design.

d.   Knowledge of color theory, color models RGB, CMYK, and Pantone matching systems.

e.    Excellent eye for color: Munsell color test results.

f.     Proficiency in Creative Cloud, specially illustrator and photoshop.

g.    Understanding of local and global marketplace and consume.

h.    Ability to translate knowledge and trends into highly commercial aesthetics with a strong understanding of mainstream consumer.

i.      Self-starter & thrives in a team environment with exceptional visual and communication skills.

j.      Strong presentation skills and cross-functional leadership.