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Kata Kata Bola Voli (Volleyball Quotes) : Kumpulan Motivasi Bijak Tentang Bola Voli (Volleyball Quotes) Yang Penuh Makna

Kata Kata Bola Voli (Volleyball Quotes) | Kata Kata Bijak Bola Voli | Kata Kata Mutiara Bola Voli | Quotes Bola Voli | Caption Ig Bola Voli 

Kata Kata Bola Voli (Volleyball Quotes) : Kumpulan Motivasi Bijak Tentang Bola Voli (Volleyball Quotes) Yang Penuh Makna

Selamat datang di KLIK KATA, sebuah media online yang banyak menyajikan berbagai macam tema kata bijak, kata mutiara, inspirasi, nasehat, quotes, dan sejenisnya.

Postingan yang anda cari ini, sangat cocok untuk dijadikan status wa, caption instagram, status facebook, tweet twitter, dan status media sosial lainnya.

Selamat membaca dan selamat berbagi manfaat jika anda membagikannya ….

Kata Kata Bola Voli (Volleyball Quotes)

Jangan hanya mengalahkan mereka, buat kesan abadi yang membuat mereka tidak ingin melihat wajah Anda lagi. – Mia Hamm

Perbedaan antara orang yang sukses dan orang lain bukanlah kurangnya kekuatan, bukan kurangnya pengetahuan, melainkan kurangnya keinginan.

Saya mendapat julukan Spitfire karena suatu alasan. Saya terbakar di dalam untuk bermain voli. Saya suka kompetisi ini.

Beberapa orang mengatakan bahwa ibu-ibu sepak bola itu gila, tetapi orang-orang itu belum pernah melihat ibu voli.

Peraturan voli sederhana. Jika di lantai, angkat dan bawa ke udara. Jika ada di udara, jauhkan dari lantai. —John Kessel

Satu-satunya hal yang membuat hari yang baik lebih baik adalah bola voli.

Latihan keras membuat pertandingan jadi lebih mudah.

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Jika Anda bisa menggedor, Anda bisa bertahan.

Berani. Jika Anda akan membuat kesalahan, buatlah doozy, dan jangan takut untuk memukul bola. —Billie Jean King

Jika voli mudah, itu akan disebut sepakbola. Pacarku bilang aku harus memilih antara dia dan bola voli. Kesalahan besar. Aku benar-benar akan merindukannya!

Voli adalah salah satu permainan paling interaktif yang terjadi. Adalah permainan intuisi, imajinasi, improvisasi - tetapi yang paling penting, timbal balik - kerja sama tim.

Jangan pernah membiarkan bola menghantam tanah tanpa tubuh menyentuh tanah dengan itu.

Voli lebih dari olahraga, ia adalah cara hidup Hal yang baik tentang kerja tim adalah Anda selalu memiliki orang lain di pihak Anda. - Margaret Carty

Kata Kata Bola Voli (Volleyball Quotes) Bahasa Inggris

There's nothing worse than the feeling of wishing you had another chance at a play because you weren't ready. Every athlete has those feelings to mull over, and over and over ... Don't even expose yourself to the possibility to being caught off-guard. - Karch Kiraly

It's important to just kind of get away from your sport until you miss it . . . It's about taking time to enjoy other aspects of life or learn new things. It helps rejuvenate. - Misty May-Treanor

Adversity, if you allow it to, will fortify you and make you the best you can be.  - Kerri Walsh Jennings

If you want to stay fit, surround yourself with a couple of chicks who are fired up, so that the one day you're not, you can feed off their energy. - Gabrielle Reece

You're either getting better or getting worse. I don't think you stay the same in sports. If we want to achieve something special in the game, then those players have to recognize that they're responsible every day for getting better. - Russ Rose

I have had to change the game to one that is a match of wits rather than brawn to give myself a fighting chance. - Todd Rogers

Don't fire your opponents up. If they're down, don't tick them off. Let them stay down. - Sinjin Smith

Too many people get in a position of authority and aren't willing to get down on the floor and belly laugh with five- and six-year-olds. - Arnie Ball

Good players rarely look like the game is stressful for them, and they never seem rushed because they adjust their position all the time based on what's happening. They're always compensating for the movement of their teammates and the movement on the other side of the court, whether it's blocking or back court. - Doug Beal

Over the years, I realized that if I'd done everything possible to prepare myself for matches and tournaments, it took a weight off my shoulders and allowed me to play without fear of losing. When you've done everything you can to train yourself for competition, you'll sleep well when the tournament is over, win or lose. - Karch Kiraly

On the surface, a duck looks nice and calm, but underneath the surface of the water it's trying really hard to stay afloat. At Stanford, it may seem like everyone is a genius, but they have to work really hard to get there. - Foluke Akinradewo

I never went to a prom or to movies like other high school girls did. My entire life was volleyball. I'd play six days a week, with Monday the only day I'd take off. - Debbie Green

The will to win is more important than the skill to win. It is possible to achieve only what you actively pursue. Cogito, ergo sum. I think, therefore I am. Keep your head high and work hard every day, because you'll never get that day back. - Lloy Ball

Be a leader. A setter should be high energy. It's important that you learn how to give positive, constructive criticism. It's crucial that you make your teammates feel comfortable. You should never be the most silent player in the gym. - Lindsey Berg

Effective blockers are unquestionably the keystone of a successful defense. - Don Shondell

There are six people around the court and it's literally like a ballet. And fundamentals are at the core of everything you do. - Caren Kemner

A great defensive play is worth about five points in emotion. - Caren Kemner

Pushing yourself over the barrier is a habit. I know I can do it and try something else crazy. If you want to win the war, you've got to pay the price. - Flo Hyman

I do not think about coaching as being the boss. Rather, I am here to see how all the parts fit together. I am in the middle of this storm, and that is where the calm is supposed to be. - Mark Pavlik

Volleyball has allowed me to travel throughout the world, to see so many interesting places, to meet so many interesting people including my husband and three presidents, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton. - Debbie Green

A lot of people told me I would never be a good volleyball player or high jumper because I never specialized. But I always knew that I could, believed I could, so I didn't listen to what they said. I just followed my heart and did it. - Tayyiba Haneef

If you don't succeed it doesn't mean you are a failure. If you do succeed it doesn't mean that you are king of the world. - David Beard

My general rule, which I have followed throughout my coaching career, is that everyone doesn't necessarily get treated the same way, because I'm not sure that's possible. But everyone has to be treated fairly. - Karch Kiraly

[Volleyball] is a game of intuition. Imagination. Improvisation. But most of all, of reciprocity. Of teamwork. There is no way to freelance in volleyball. - Marv Dunphy

Coaches must be critical thinkers, not protectors of the status quo. - Mike Herbert

It's not how tall you are, it is how good you are. - Marv Dunphy

I have the philosophy that the team is going to win or lose the match. I tend to be more demanding in practice where the work gets done. During the matches, I like to help the team use what they have been trained to use. - Mark Pavlik

I'm not the most physical person, not the tallest, not the skinniest. You can't listen to anybody. Just know your dreams. Know how hard you can work. Work hard, have fun doing it, and you can really make it places that you really never thought you would. Dedication, passion and heart gets you where you want to be. - Lindsey Berg

A coach should take the athletes to their limits, should go beyond the comfort zone… If you are concerned about being friends with the players, you are not going anywhere. - Doug Beal

The best thing we can do is take care of the things we have control of and not be concerned with things we can't. We can control our standard of training, preparation and commitment to executing our system at a high level each time we take the floor. - Alan Knipe

We are all going to fall short. We are going to have some bitter losses, very painful defeats and failures. We have to use those to come back even stronger. That's what makes it sweeter, when we can overcome those and figure out a way to win. The great teams can do that, and those are the gold medal winning teams. - Karch Kiraly

Everybody likes the guy who works hard. Nobody likes the guy who tells you how hard he works. - Lloy Ball

You have to be willing to fail, to improve. - Al Scates

The best passing drill is pass-set-hit. The best setting drill is pass-set-hit. The best hitting drill is pass-set-hit. Anything less than a game situation, unless very well planned, has the possibility of introducing artificial situations, and complete transfer to the game might not occur when drills are constructed in this manner. - Marv Dunphy

From the beginning, my philosophy has been to stake my course, show results and force others to copy me. - Arie Selinger